Saturday, August 16, 2008

Where are we?

I found this a surprisingly hard question to answer when we first moved here. Typically we would just say "downtown", though I know one person who lives in the Prospect Hill historic district that is adamant that she is not downtown.

We are definitely in Mount Auburn. The boundaries of this community, according to the City of Cincinnati web site, are Reading on the east, Liberty to Main to Mulberry on the south, Vine on the West and East McMillan on the north.

When we closed on our house, the description on the deed said Prospect Hill, but most folks think of the Historic District when you say that is where you live. We have joked with others at the top of the hill that we are "Upper Prospect Hill", but folks may hear that as some weird elitist label, rather than the humor that is intended.

I get confused with some of the new labels bandied about like midtown and uptown. I think we are in midtown, but that is such a nebulous term, I think it does not help clarify the matter. My latest description is "on top of Prospect Hill in Mount Auburn". It is usually followed up with clarifying questions (or a "whatever" response) but it is my working definition.

What about you... how do you answer the question "Where do you live"?

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