Monday, May 4, 2009

April Showers...

Well, I decided to give this concept of a picture-a-day a chance. I am going to focus just on May, and the gardens on Walker Street. The first picture is of the Flox in the garden, and was actually taken at the end of April.

I chose the gardens, because that was the biggest surprise for us after we moved in. One public garden is located right across the street from us. When we moved in, it was a dirt lot with a fallen telephone poll and some dead cedar bushes. I cannot even find a before picture, as there was no reason to take a picture. Then neighbors Tim and Rick decided to go nuts and create a garden for all to enjoy. Many folks have contributed, but I credit them with getting the ball rolling and still contributing the lions share of time on the garden.

Andy and Corrie went and did the same thing at the end of the street with the help of Ross. They have turned an abandoned lot into a nice little garden. I enjoy it every time I pull into the street, and will try to make it down there, camera in had, to add pictures from it as well.

The southern garden has a lot of Daylillies, and since those are just starting to bloom, I have made today's picture a picture of one of the Yellow Daylillies.

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